Blush Boutique

Blush Boutique

Funky Fashion in Cambodia

Travelling Cambodia and want to keep Fashion savvy……...Hit Blush Boutique “The Lane”

Been back packing around Cambodia and Thailand?


 Tired of the heat dust and dirt in Asia?


Ready to scrub-up and Party in Style ?


Siem reap Cambodia has Fantastic night life for a chilled out little Temple Town. And Blush Boutique has everything you need to freshen up your look and transform, Backpacker into Global style traveler.

We follow fashion trends from around the world, to keep Cambodia in style on a budget.  We love meeting travelers and style savvy chic’s. So when in Siem Reap pop in and shop up a storm at Blush Boutique in “ The Lane” old market area.  Huge Collection of items you won’t find anywhere else in temple town.

Transform your look from day to night while traveling in Cambodia . Keep it simple chic and fresh fashion.


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